Mobile Survey App

An intuitive data collection app for mobile that enables the capture of data remotely, quickly and in a sustainable manner. It has the capacity to record various input fields and contains inbuilt logic, validation, multimedia, off-grid (no internet) and GPS location functionalities.

Web Survey Platform

The web-based survey platform allows organisations to quickly administer multiple fully customised online surveys via the admin dashboard. All surveys can be shared via social media, websites, and/or via SMS.

Enterprise SMS Solution

We bring efficient company communication to your fingertips. Our enterprise SMS solutions allows you to send business messages the quick and easy way. It can also be integrated with existing CRM platforms or various SMS API modules and gateways.

We Implement Quickly

Scope requirements

We gather all requirements necessary for the execution of the project.

Setup modules for case

We select and configure the modules that will be used to tackle data capture and processing.  

Launch analysis dashboard

We implement the front-end interface used to display valuable insight about the processed data.

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