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Botswana Medical Aid Survey Results

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By Focus Surveys - Botswana Medical Aid Survey Report

In terms of the NBFIRA Act, Medical Aid Funds/Scheme (“MAFs”) are regulated and supervised by NBFIRA. However, currently there are no regulations and rules to license and monitor the MAFs effectively

With this in mind our research team conducted a study; Botswana Medical Aid Survey. It focused on the burning issues of selecting a medical aid provider in Botswana, associated costs, satisfaction, dealing with claims and more

When choosing a medical aid provider there are a host of things you need to consider

Cost is a major issue. It is recommended we should not select a medical aid based only on costs. We are supposed to look deeper, considering what is actually covered in the worst case scenario

Check out the interactive Dashboard for key insights below

Quick highlights

Most respondents indicated that they are Unsatisfied with the way their complaint was handled

Most respondents are Moderate to Very satisfied with the design of benefit options of their medical aid provider

BOMAID accounts for the majority of responses whom are Moderately satisfied with the design of benefit options your medical aid provider

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