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Punched in the Face


Getting punched in the face is not a very difficult thing to achieve. By the time you receive a punch to the face you will quickly learn that you obviously missed all the warning signs. Your company should not get punched in the face, do not miss all the warning signs.


For a company that has clear goals and targets; It should know that their goals and targets can only be achieved once all stakeholders are on the same page and moving in the same direction.  Whenever any of the stakeholder is left behind that is when issues and avoidable delays begin to arise.  The value of a external opinion can be the determining factor of your business remaining relevant.

With this is in mind; the companies that have active and intentional client feedback systems in place experience clients that are more appreciative and more loyal. This ties into the bottom line hence enabling the company to reach its goals and targets.

There are two main approaches to keep in-mind when planning for client feedback, active feedback and passive feedback. Depending on your approach you will get the valuable results you most need.
1. Active Feedback: Using feedback technologies that allow you to automatically track, monitor and respond to you clients feedback. Examples of this could be the use of a web based feedback platform such as this Example (click here) or the use of an onsite survey interview that is submitted to a monitored database.
2. Passive Feedback: Paper based approach that is not monitored, tracked or reported. A typical check box approach with no genuine outcome. The limitations with this approach is that it is tedious and slow. Feedback is often untraceable or incomplete, this means management only gets a partial(skewed) picture of feedback or none at all.

When planning for customer satisfaction monitoring and reporting, explore your options as traditional approaches can cost more and only give limited results.


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